Lee Harris

Lee Harris was introduced to the fashion world when he discovered GQ magazine at the age of 11; he has since read every issue cover to cover. Raised in a small town in Northern California, Lee attended UCLA where he earned a degree in Economics while pursuing classes in art and architectural history in addition to internships in music and film development. He transitioned to working in the entertainment industry early on, with professional costuming positions on shows including NYPD Blue, Chicago Hope, and Beverly Hills 90210, followed by a three-season stint as the wardrobe buyer for Ally McBeal. Work as a costume designer on numerous short and independent films soon followed in addition to work as a costumer for such films as Down With Love, The Princess Diaries 2, and American Beauty.

Lee’s successful film career has led to personal costuming collaborations with some of the industry’s top actresses on a number of visually notable films including Kirsten Dunst in Spiderman 3, Drew Barrymore in Lucky You, Lucy Liu in Charlie’s Angels 2, and Cameron Diaz in The Box. As a result of his close working relationship with major actresses on films, Lee has gone on to consistently style several for red carpet, promotional, and private events.

Lee takes inspiration from his clients, interpreting their own individual tastes to create a strong yet feminine silhouette. His looks balance new designers with vintage pieces, high fashion with low, and he enjoys using elements such as statement jewelry and bold colors to express a client’s particular style. Long inspired by a broad spectrum of visual arts, from fashion design to painting to film, Lee is first and foremost a collaborative stylist, taking cues from both current and past trends to create memorable looks.