Laura Polko

Laura Polko, grew up in Columbus, Ohio, where she attended Aveda Institute immediately after high school knowing that she wanted to do hair. After 2 years in a salon there she soon realized the limitations of Ohio and made an abrupt move to downtown New York in 2008. The first year in New York was spent working at Ted Gibson Salon. With an urge to travel and explore what New York had to offer she took a short break from to hair to assist a DJ where she traveled all of the U.S. as well as Europe and Asia. One year later a hairstylist friend asked her to assist on a Fanta commercial where she was introduced to the freelance world, where she has spent the remainder of her career. Laura assisted many people from agencies such as Art and Commerce, Jed Root, Art Dept and many others on shoots as well as many fashion week seasons. On her own she began in advertising for clients such as Saks, Alloy, Delia’s, Nike and Macy’s. In addition to that Laura has done editorial as well including Italian Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, Cosmopolitan, Seventeen, Elle, Galore and many others. Due in part to social circles and living in downtown New York Laura found herself beginning to fall into celebrity work. As that began to pick up she had to say no to many advertising clients to remain flexible and available for the last minute celebrity bookings. In the recent years as celebrity and red carpet has become her main focus, Laura began making more frequent trips to Los Angeles where she now resides.