Mary Wiles

Mary Wiles is a British makeup artist of international reputation. With over twenty years of experience, Mary’s vast knowledge of beauty is what makes her one of the most popular and in-demand makeup artists in the industry.

Consistently working with leading celebrities and top level fashion and beauty magazines all over the world, Mary continues to increase in popularity and is widely known for her approachable and friendly manner.

Mary’s versatility and talent lead her to travel all over the world for work. Her approach to makeup is that it should enhance the natural beauty of the face, playing up and focusing on flattering features while creating a modern, fresh look. She believes it is most important that the skin looks glowing and fresh. Less is often more.

Mary’s ideas and inspiration stem from growing up in the English countryside, coupled with an art/painting background.

“Seeing colours that complement each other in nature is very inspiring. I know I have achieved my goal when the makeup is not the focus, rather a stunning face where the features stand out and are complemented.”

Mary currently resides between the US and the UK.