Quinn Murphy

Quinn Murphy is a makeup artist with a broad but assured range, from high fashion to red carpet moments, to polished and natural aesthetics. Makeup is his true passion, and his techniques are always in sync with the times.

Quinn was born and raised in Oakland, California where he was constantly influenced by the style, music, and multi-cultural offerings of the city. After moving to New York City following school, he began pursuing makeup professionally.

While assisting top makeup artists in the industry, he honed his craft on the sets of major fashion and advertising shoots. It wasn't long before Quinn's talents were recognized and he began to build a loyal client base independently.

One of Quinn's strengths is keeping a double focus: on small details and the big picture. He's adept at collaborating with models, hairstylists, fashion stylists, and creative directors, interpreting the photographer’s vision and “doing a look” that tells a story – helping make the creative process come together as a whole.

His celebrity clients include Mariah Carey, Anne Hathaway, America Ferrera, Liv Tyler, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Catherine Deneuve and more. Publications his work has appeared in include Allure, Glamour, Vogue, LOVE, ELLE, Harper's Bazaar, Interview, among others.

Quinn currently resides in New York City.