Fumiaki Nakagawa

Born in the small town of Hyogo, Japan, Fumiaki became interested in art at an early age when he was around his uncle, a contemporary painter. In his teens, he went to Osaka. There, he was attracted to fashion through magazines and met a makeup artist who taught him how to enhance the natural beauty of models through makeup. Fumiaki learned many valuable lessons, while retaining his artistic influences, but wanted to acquire more in order to progress in his craft.

Fumiaki later moved to New York City, in his early twenties, to pursue his passion in the fashion industry. He has collaborated with many photographers, including Alexander Neumann, Alexei Hay, Bjorn Iooss, Joshua Jordan and Kevin Sinclair. What makes him a reliable commodity in the field is that he’s open-minded to the ideas of his clients. After over a decade in the industry, his versatile and unique style has filled the pages of fashion-oriented magazines such as V Magazine, i-D, Vogue Greece, Vogue Portugal, Vogue Mexico and Vogue India.